Guiding Principles

Our program is based in the Early Years Learning Framework and on our beliefs about individual children in the context of their: family, immediate community, wider community, relationships, time and space and their experiences.

The program also reflects our acceptance of professional responsibility with regard to: children and families, our knowledge of children, children’s health and wellbeing and our conviction to be truly meaningful to families and children.

The Jane’s Place Day Care South Coogee team is proactive in creating a program where children have continuing opportunities for and access to:

  • Strong relationships with friends
  • Trusting relationships with their teachers
  • Knowing that their families are welcome
  • Having their values and perspectives respected
  • Learning through conflict
  • Making choices and decisions
  • Having opportunities to express ideas and investigate with friends
  • An environment which responds to their interests
  • Adults who join them in the shared process of learning
  • Adults who listen and respond to children
  • Adults who respect their time and space in every possible opportunity
  • Programs that reflect their beliefs, values and perspectives

Opportunities to develop skills and acquire knowledge that will be fundamental in their early development