Family Involvement

At Jane’s Place South Coogee, we believe that children absorb and develop their base knowledge through all aspects of life and learning, through an interactive, culturally rich and diverse range of activities and programs.

We are proud to offer an inclusive program, supporting where possible the child’s home and cultural practices. This allows us to recognise and respect an individual’s faith and needs. We also invite parents to participate on our program – to share skills, interests, and knowledge and to actively participate in the development of their child.

An integral part of Jane’s Place South Coogee’s program is our continual communication, consultation and collaboration with families.

We achieve this by:

  • Welcoming families to join us in planned activities
  • Our Open Door Policy
  • Sharing information with families
  • Sharing our knowledge of each child’s daily experiences
  • Sharing each child’s interests and overall progress
  • Sharing information on how the program is guided and evolves through verbal communication, written daily documentation, meetings, displays, newsletters, and online software program
  • Seeking information from families regarding their beliefs, perspectives and values
  • Seeking information from families regarding their goals for their children
  • Seeking information from families regarding their child’s interests and experiences within the context of their home
  • Actively using resources brought supplied by families, ensuring the resources within the environment reflect children’s interests and home experiences while initiating conversations with children
  • Respecting each families individual comfort levels and preferences about how they would like to be involved